PDA (PVS-14 Dovetail Adapter)

Please note: the PDA is still a work in progress.

Show your eyes some PDA (public display of affection) with the PDA (PVS-14 Dovetail Adapter).

Most people who have combined different night vision and thermal devices on a night vision bridge have experienced this annoying issue: how can you align the oculars of the different devices relative to each other? Most night vision bridges do not include the ability to independently adjust the distance of the ocular to your eye.

How does the PDA solve this problem?

The PDA (PVS-14 Dovetail Adapter) solves this problem and allows you to fine tune the fore/aft position of your PVS-14 ocular so that it properly lines up with the other device’s ocular.

The PDA allows the PVS-14 to be mounted in front of your left and right eyes (battery compartments are positioned outward/downward, respectively). It will also accommodate mounting your PVS-14 on a weapon behind your day optic.

The PDA is precision machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and Type 3 hard anodized in black.

The PDA is 100% designed and manufactured in Germany.

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