SBR (Should’ve Been Rail)

Product details

The SBR (Should’ve Been Rail) for the InfiRay RH25/PFN640+ is what all the other rails should’ve been.

This adapter rail combines the following functionalities in one compact package:

  • the dovetail interface allows the RH25/PFN640+ to be used with the Wilcox line of flip to side weapon mounts.
  • the dovetail dimensions adhere to the industry-wide Wilcox standard and can therefore also be used with a variety helmet mounted solutions such as night vision bridges.
  • the Picatinny/STANAG rail portion allows the use of a Picatinny quick release weapon mount (like the iRayUSA ADM MQD mount AC36).
  • 1/4-20 UNC threaded mounting point for tripod mounting

For both dovetail and Picatinny mounting options, the optical axis of the RH25/PFN640+ is located approx 1.61″ above the Picatinny mounting rail, enabling you to use your clip-on with both 1.54″ and 1.70″ optics mounts.

The SBR is precision machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and Type 3 hard anodized in black.

The SBR is 100% designed and manufactured in Germany.

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Product photos

Please note: the following images show an uncoated prototype. The production version of the SBR will be fully Type 3 hard anodized in black.

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